9 Tools To Create Great Content Every Beginner Should Know About

Creating Content

There is a saying among marketers - Content Is King. That means having fresh, new content in your feeds for people to consume is key to your online success. Prove your authority on a topic, engage with customers or teach potential customers about your products with great content 

But creating content is more than quantity, it is about high quality. You could write 30 blog posts per day, but if they don’t solve your client’s questions or problems, they’ll be less and less likely to come back to you in the future. If you shared 25 posts on Instagram, but only one is related to the products you’re selling, there is a good chance that your followers won’t stay followers for long. 

So how do you go about creating great content that resonates with your audience? It doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Luckily, there are many free tools available online to help you create great recognizable content and share it regularly. (If you want to learn how to come up with a great content plan check out our other blog here.) 

Here are 9 tools to help you create content your audience will love to engage with. 


Not a strong writer? Try Grammarly - a free tool that helps you check spelling, grammar and offers content-specific suggestions to polish your writing. This tool is great for beginners and experienced writers alike. You can download the Chrome extension to check all your copy (emails, social posts, etc.) or download the app to custom check blog posts.

Another tool to try is PaperRater. You can upload your content and have it checked for spelling, grammar and plagiarism. It gives an analysis of your readability and use of passive voice to help make sure your content is compelling. If you’ve got kids in school, share the tool with them - it helps guess the grade their paper might receive.


Being online 24/7 is unrealistic, but to get the most out of your social presence you need to share content regularly. For days when you can’t post yourself, schedule your content on Buffer Publish. This free tool allows you to schedule links, images and videos to auto-share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. 

If Instagram is a huge focus for you, check out Later, another free scheduling platform. It allows the same tools as Buffer, but when you upgrade to their paid level ($7USD/ month annually) you can plan multi-photo posts, tag users and schedule videos plus get insights into analytics.


Editing images can feel daunting if you’re staring down Adobe Photoshop. Instead, try Pixlr - a free image editing tool with many of the features you’d find on a pricey paid program. Try Pixlr X to add text overlays and adjust brightness and contrast. Need to do more complicated edits like reducing red eye or removing something from the background? Pixlr Editor can handle that and is still free to use!

Stories are hugely popular but can be daunting to create. Try using Buffer’s Stories Creator to develop free, perfectly sized story content with customizable text, graphics and background colours. 


People love watching videos online. If you have an iPhone or Mac computer, it is easy to create a trailer-like video easily using iMovie. The tool is free and already loaded to all Mac phones and laptops. With pretty substantial features like green screen mode, picture in picture and filters, it is easy to make a great video.

Not an Apple user? Adobe Premiere Clip is a free app for Android and Apple that offers limited tools to perfect your video. Add music, adjust the speed and stitch together photos for a perfect video in minutes. Upgrade to a paid model to unlock even more capabilities.


Having a plan is the best way to make sure you have content ready to share. Create a content plan and track what needs to be done and store your finished posts in Trello. Create boards for different tasks like “Needs Research” or “Needs Editing” and easily move items along to keep track of what needs to be done. Add deadlines to keep yourself accountable and invite team members if you’re sharing the responsibilities. 

It doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars to create great, professional quality content. Using these free tools you can improve the quality of your photos and writing, start creating videos and have a solid strategy and posting schedule. It starts with having a plan, learning what your audience likes, and creating the best quality you can. 

Still not loving the process? Contact Nimble Hippo! We can help create a strategy you can manage or take the burden of planning and creating posts off your shoulders. Book a free discovery call and see how we can help build and manage your social media strategy.