Who Is Nimble Hippo?


About Nimble Hippo

Nimble Hippo is a new boutique marketing agency focused on small and mid-sized businesses. With a passion for creating and sharing great content, Nimble Hippo making it simple for brands to access professional level marketing services and strategies to expand their social footprint.

Through the use of organic and paid media strategies, Nimble Hippo helps brands maximize their social ROI. With a team of content, ad and analytic experts, they have all the pieces to help brands stand out and achieve success. 

The name Nimble Hippo is partly inspired by the founder’s dog, a French Bulldog/ Boston Terrier mix that is affectionately referred to as a “House Hippo,” a nod to the early 2000’s Canadian television commercials featuring the fictional animal.

About The Founder

The company was founded by Sarah Wild after 8+ years of experience in traditional and digital media marketing, working with brands across Canada, the United States and as far away as Switzerland. She has worked with several brands to finesse their brand positioning and create a consistent voice resulting in explosive growth both online and in store. Her last two retail partners expanded so rapidly within six months of working with her, they moved locations to spaces double their size. 

Sarah was a major part of the growth of diply.com, during their meteoric rise to become the “fastest growing website in Internet history” in 2014. She’s worked with influencers, major brands and through her work at Mazu, professional sports teams across the NHL, NFL and NBA.

She graduated from King’s University College with a BA Specialization in Philosophy and a concurrent Certificate of Writing from Western University. 

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